Functional Strength CrossFit

Functional Strength CrossFit is located at Functional Strength HQ, 7A Piermark Drive ,Rosedale, North Shore Auckland.

Functional Strength CrossFit offers classes and coaching for youth and adults of all fitness levels, and from all walks of life. Our members range from beginners right through to the enthusiast.

One session with us and you will wonder why you didn’t start with Functional Strength CrossFit sooner.

You do not need to be fit, strong or experienced to get started – our job is to help you get there! We work slowly and safely to improve your movement, your fitness and ultimately help in creating a healthier you.

Members workout within a group training environment under the guidance of an experienced coach; allowing support, encouragement and a technical eye for quality movement – and without doubt you’ll make a bunch of friends along the way.

CrossFit Classes

Our CrossFit Classes are a 60 minute Strength and Conditioning group session. All fitness levels are welcome.

TurboFit Classes

Our TurboFit Classes are a 40 minute session, for all fitness levels. This class is specifically designed for people who have limited time but want the most out of the time the have.

Olympic Weightlifting Classes

Olympic Weightlifting classes for CrossFitters to improve their Olympic lifts, or the recreational lifter. Classes are 60 minutes in duration and both (Tuesday and Thursday) classes should be attended each week for maximum benefit.

Gymnastics Classes

Our Gymnastics Classes are a 60 minute Skills and Conditioning group session, focused on Gymnastics Skills for CrossFit.