Functional Strength CrossFit

We are a team of passionate and dedicated trainers committed to the practice, sharing and belief in the foundations of CrossFit and it’s community.

We want to inject fitness into people’s lives – Real world fitness, Functional fitness, Fitness that will make you stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier than you could ever dream of!

You don’t need to worry about the level of fitness you are currently at. Our classes are designed for universal scalability and apply equally to all committed individuals regardless of their age or fitness level.

Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Metabolic (Cardio) Conditioning. There isn’t a strength and conditioning program anywhere that works with a greater diversity of tools, modalities, and drills.

The group environment is competitive but friendly, and will push you to perform at your best.

Training to be your best is at the heart of CrossFit – competitive, fun and exciting workouts based on functional, life-improving movements done at high intensity.

CrossFit will prepare you for any task that life demands, both physically and mentally. It will make you stronger and more confident in all facets of life. Don’t believe it? We dare you to give it a go…

We invite you to start your journey to fitness with us.

CrossFit Classes

Our CrossFit Classes are a 60 minute Strength and Conditioning group session. All fitness levels are welcome.

TurboFit Classes

Our TurboFit Classes are a 40 minute session, for all fitness levels. This class is specifically designed for people who have limited time but want the most out of the time the have.

Ladies Classes

Our Ladies Only Fitness Classes are a 60 minute session. All fitness levels are welcome. This is not a CrossFit Class, this is a Fitness class designed specially for this group to achieve awesome results. You don’t need to do an introduction to CrossFit to start.

Gymnastics Classes

Our Gymnastics Classes are a 60 minute Skills and Conditioning group session, focused on Gymnastics Skills for CrossFit.