Our Coaches

Richie Wong

Functional Strength CrossFit Coach
Functional Strength Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Richie has had a passion for sport from a young age competing in National level Tae Kwon Do, Interclub Rep Golf, Cricket & Rugby. After completing his high high school education he trained for six years in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and competed in local competitions. In 2009 Richie found Crossfit and began to train. His hunger for the sport and community became so great that in 2010 he became a CrossFit Coach and has coached Crossfit across all different levels and also offers online coaching and programming for Crossfit. Richie has also been a competitive weightlifter since the end of 2012. So Richie understands sport specific Strength, Conditioning & Movement.

Richie coaches Olympic Weightlifting for various ages from youth to masters and various levels from beginners through to International for Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand. He also offers online Olympic Weightlifting programming and virtual coaching.

Richie is experienced in rehabilitation training after injury, surgeries and time away from sport and exercise to safely regain strength and fitness.

Corporate health and well being coach – encouraging staff in the workplace to move safely the way their bodies were designed to move, mobilise to reduce injury in the work place and to increase quality of life. Please get in touch if you are interested in a corporate program.

Richie has 10+ years experience coaching

Level 1 CrossFit Cert
AWF Strength & Power Coach Level 1
Diploma in Fitness Training

Richie Patterson

Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Coach
Functional Strength CrossFit Coach

3 x Olympian (Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 ) and Commonwealth Champion (Glasgow 2014) Richie Patterson is one of New Zealand’s most sort after coaches in Olympic Weightlifting and in the field of Strength and Conditioning.

With over 21 years experience as a competitive weightlifter, having broken numerous New Zealand Olympic weightlifting records – Richie brings both experience as an athlete and elite level coach – having developed a coaching methodology learned from numerous coaches worldwide. Richie has taken novice athletes right through to the Commonwealth and Olympic platform.

With a bachelor’s degree in coaching, Richies strength lies in his delivery of teaching – having now coached/delivered to hundreds of athletes/coaches/trainers across New Zealand and Australia – Richie will help you on your way no matter what your current level.

Bachelor of Sport (Coaching)
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
AWF Strength & Power Coach Level 1
21 Years as an athlete/coach

Jack Langmead

Functional Strength CrossFit Coach
Functional Strength Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Ever since I was a young boy I have had a passion for sport. I competed nationally in Roller Hockey for 10 years while also playing a multitude of other sports. This gave me experience in understanding the mental and physical demands of an athlete.

At 19 years old I decided to pursue my passion for athletic performance by getting myself a degree in Exercise and Sport Science.

While studying I discovered the sport which would lead me down my current path, Olympic Weightlifting. I have been involved in Weightlifting for 4 years now. In those 4 years, I have competed, coached and spread my knowledge of the sport.

I have experience coaching individual athletes from a variety of sports while also having experience in seminar/group coaching. I also spent a year coaching a group of young boys at Palmerston North Boys High School to better their own sports performance and reduce their injury rates.

After graduating I created JSL Strength as a way for me to utilize my knowledge of specialised and specific training to help people safely and efficiently achieve their goals.

I believe every training programme needs to be different as everyone has different needs and goals. If achieving your goals and improving your athletic ability sounds like something you would like, then get in touch with me to start your journey!

-Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science.

What do I offer?
-Programming and 1 on 1 coaching for Sport Specific Athletic performance.
-Programming and 1 on 1 coaching for Olympic Weightlifting.
– Olympic Weightlifting technique coaching (1 on 1 or group).
– 1 on 1 PT sessions tailored to you and your goals.

Functional Strength Coach

Cameron McTaggart

Functional Strength Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Functional Strength Gymnastics Coach

With over 8 years experience in Olympic Weightlifting Cameron brings a wealth of experience to the Functional Strength coaching team.

Cameron is a multiple times National, Oceania and Commonwealth age group champion, and holds Oceania and national senior records.

He has represented New Zealand at the Oceania Championships, Youth Olympics and most recently placed 7th at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Cameron is currently in the process of a 2020 Tokyo Olympics campaign.

Coming from early years competing to a national level in Gymnastics – Cameron has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of movement.

Cameron trained at north harbour gymnastics for his entire 7 year career. He competed internationally twice at the trans Tasman championships. His best events were the high bar and rings. He still regularly trains some gymnastics components to help with his weightlifting.

Anna Wishnowsky

CrossFit Coach
My Story
Movement is my obsession: it allows us to learn, adapt, and grow.
I learned to move as a gymnast, and as a team sport player in my youth. Later, I got strong under a barbell, but started to move poorly. When I reevaluated my priorities I decided to re-learn to move better, and started to leverage my gymnastics background and specific mobility training to give myself the best of both worlds.
I had trouble around food for a long time, despite an interest in nutrition. But great nutrition builds the pillars that your movement practice stands upon, so I worked to improve my habits and behaviours around food.
Many coaches helped me improve my ability to move, to get strong, and to eat better. That’s why I became a coach myself: because I understand that doing it alone is rarely the best path to success. I didn’t, and neither should you.
What I offer:
-Nutrition coaching for performance and body composition
-Mobility & return-to-sport coaching (1-on-1 PT)
-Strength & conditioning (PT and/or online programming)
-Olympic weightlifting for Crossfitters
-CrossFit programming for individuals
BSc (Physiology)
University of Auckland
University of Auckland
Accredited Sports Nutritionist (openly accredited)
Sports Nutrition Association

Richie Patterson Weightlifting Levels 1 & 2

Mobility Specialist– FRCms

Functional Range Systems
PRI Pelvis Course
Postural Restoration Institute
Wake Your Body Up! and What the Foot
Anatomy in Motion

Michaela Modinos

CrossFit Coach

It was in high school that Michaela ventured into her own health and fitness journey that spiraled into what makes up her life today. However it was 6 years ago when she developed a metabolic disorder – PCOS – and this is when her training and nutrition changed from a hobby/passion to “okay how I am I going to use nutrition, mindset and fitness to combat PCOS symptoms and reclaim my health?”

Fast track 6 years later, with all the knowledge acquired and lifestyle adaptions – she has moved from South Africa to NZ, gone on to develop her own Personal Training business and focuses on;

  • Individual functional fitness and corrective exercises.
  • Developing and implementing Corporate Wellness Blocks (seminars, workshops, and on-site training sessions).
  • Going Beyond (Outdoor Bootcamps and Wellness online Platform)
  • Coaching CrossFit and CrossFit Kids (previously at Legacy Strength and Conditioning, and CrossFit Auckland).

Over her time in this industry and through personal experience, she feels lucky enough to have witnessed an overwhelming amount of positivity and barrier-breaking moments, that she undoubtedly believes it’s not just about numbers or what’s written in textbooks. It’s an emotional experience for everyone.. “Working on yourself and your physical being encompasses far more than just the size of your jeans”… It’s the Mind we’re training when we step into each session just as when we wake up each day and step into our lives outside of the gym!”

Seeing how the improvements in strength, fitness, skill, mobility, sense of belonging and the release of those glorious “Happy Hormones” can affect one’s physical and mental health has left her as the one who is always learning and always inspired.  She loves helping people (individually and collectively) uncover their goals and limitless potential and guiding them on their journey to being the best version of themselves despite any adversity!

CrossFit L2 Trainer

CrossFitt Gymnastics Certificate

CrossFit Kids Certificate

Olympic Weightlifting Technique Level 1 – Cert. of Completion

NZQA Level 3 in Personal Training (REPs Registered)

Functional Bodybuilding 101

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Jaynee McCormick

CrossFit Coach

Jaynee has a great passion for sport, with a large focus on strength and conditioning. Competing from a young age in many sporting disciplines including swimming, track & field, hockey, golf, and powerlifting.

Jaynee has 12 years of personal training experience, and found CrossFit in 2014, falling in love with this training style for both her own training as well as a great way to bring fitness and strength aspects to her training clients.

Jaynee has coached for strength and conditioning across a variety of ages, with clients ranging from 6 years to 69 years, and can happily tailor a program for any age or any ability and guide you through your journey to improved strength, fitness and general wellness.

Jaynee is currently studying towards a Masters in Sport & Exercise Science, and is always looking to learn and improve her knowledge and skills.


CrossFit Trainer, Level 2

Certificate in Personal Training, Level 4

Olympic Weightlifting Technique, Level 1

Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science

Diploma in Nutrition

Post Graduate Sport & Exercise Science

What do I offer?

Programming and coaching for sport-specific athletic performance

Personal training sessions, tailored to you and your goals

Gabrielle (Gabby) Peach

Functional Strength Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Gabby has over 16 years of coaching and teaching experience in various sports, commercial gym and education settings.

After starting CrossFit for health & fitness in 2014, Gabby has been a competitive Weightlifter since 2017. She began coaching Weightlifting in 2018, with a wealth of transferable knowledge and skill to compliment her experience through personal participation.

Currently working towards a PhD investigating the use of resistance training to develop Youth Motor Competency, Gabby offers Olympic Weightlifting support in person or online for athletes of all levels, with a particular interest in youth. Her approach centers in athlete learning and understanding of movements and principles. She is also heavily involved in event management and administration with Functional Strength and Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand.


Master of Physical Education (Exercise Prescription)

What do I offer?

-Olympic Weightlifting programming and/or technique coaching (1 on 1 or group)

-Olympic Weightlifting remote coaching and programming

-Youth Olympic Weightlifting classes

-Youth Strength coaching